AC Technician

Dates: 18/3/2023 – 2/4/2023
Location: Lautoka Hospital
Work Type: Full time


Aspen Medical is seeking qualified and experience AC Technician. The AC Technician reports to the Supervisor High Grade Hospital Services and is responsible for the trouble shooting, maintenance, repairing, servicing and perform analysis on all refrigeration equipment which includes Chiller Systems with BMS Systems, VRV and VRF Systems, Ducted Systems, Cassettes, Ceiling Suspended and Split Units, Coolers and Refrigerators within the Aspen Medical properties. Inclusion of the AC Technician responsibility is to ensure that the assigned facilities are under maximum accessibility and resources are effectively and efficiently utilized. This is inclusive of ensuring that:

  • Downtime of assigned facilities are minimized which includes lifts, escalators, standby generators, toilet facilities, air conditioning systems, pumps, etc.
  • Maintenance operations are effective and efficient.
  • General cleanliness of the property is maintained.
  • Contracted services are monitored.

The roles and responsibilities of this position include:

Capital Project Works – Planning and Implementation of air conditioning and refrigeration Capital Projects Works and supervision of relevant contractors of outsourced works.

  • To carry out scoping of project and new installation works, provide material list with quote and submit to Supervisor High Grade for approval process.
  • To carry out new installation works for cassette units, split units including ducted systems and ensuring they are as per standard, requirements, and timeline.
  • Responsible for the sizing, supervision of new installation, maintaining and repairing of ventilation systems, air conditioning and refrigeration systems within all Aspen Medical commercial properties including centralized chiller systems such air, water, and evaporative condensed chillers.

Property Facility Management – Implementation of Maintenance Preventative Plan, Property Repair & Maintenance works and ensure assigned Property Facilities are available at all times with minimum downtime.

  • Implementation of preventative maintenance to the Aspen Medical Properties facilities and services primarily of air conditioning, refrigeration, and HVAC works as well as common areas, staircase, roofing, gutters, down pipes, pavements, walkways, fencing works, retaining walls, and car parks, external and internal areas of the property assigned.
  • Ensure that all servicing works are carried out to standard as required inclusive of proper supervision of service contractors, checks for satisfactory conditions of all building services and facilities and ensure cleanliness of building premises internal and external.
  • Attend to air conditioning and refrigeration downtime, implementation as per defect reported during and after working hours.
  • Planning and implementation of Chiller Systems with BMS Systems, VRV and VRF Systems, Ducted Systems, Cassettes and Split Units, Coolers and Refrigerators Repair and Maintenance works for assigned and other properties.
  • To draft, scope and plan preventative maintenance work primarily for air conditioning and refrigeration works ensuring that implementation are to standard.
  • To provide servicing schedules for air conditioning and refrigeration services contractors, supervise works carried out, verify, and sign off services reports.
  • To maintain, trouble shoot and repair reciprocating, centrifugal and screw driven chillers inclusive of chiller control systems and make checks and changes in building levels cooling controls.
  • To attend to air conditioning and refrigeration systems breakdowns, carry out trouble shooting works, provide recommendations for repairs, materials listing, and quotation and ensure implementation is to the required standard, within timeline and ensure materials received are well documented and utilized efficiently.
  • To ensure correct specified gas or fluid are pumped into system, start system, observe operation, read gauges and instruments, adjust mechanisms such as valves, controls, and pumps to control level of fluid, pressure, and temperature, dismantle malfunctioning systems, test and treat condenser and chilled water systems and add appropriate chemicals to adjust proper concentration level.
  • To use facilities control systems to locate system problems and take corrective action, trouble shoot and repair all air conditioning units, water coolers, split systems, heat pumps and mixing boxes, trouble shoot, repair, and adjust pneumatic, electronic and line voltage controls, maintain and repair air handlers to include adjusting air flows and temperatures to achieve energy savings and comfort level.
  • To carry out servicing works to Chiller Systems with BMS Systems, VRV Systems, Ducted Systems, Cassettes and Split Units, Coolers and Refrigerators. Chiller servicing includes AHU, fan motor, condenser pumps and chiller pumps.
  • To manually operate VSD system for chillers while servicing and during breakdowns.
  • To carry out cassette and split units’ relocation works which includes units’ removal, reinstallation, vacuuming of the systems, pressurize refrigerant lines, charge gas, test unit and commissioning.
  • To carry out necessary refrigeration and air conditioning works in compliance with Industry standards.
  • Provide material estimates required and cost in compliance with Aspen Medical Procurement policy.
  • Ensure Aspen Medical assets assigned such as work tools are used in the right manner and in safe keeping.

 Hospital Services Management – Visitation and Complaints

  • To carry out visitations with the Foreman on the assigned wards and spaces and ensure identified issues and maintenance are resolved in a timely manner.
  • To attend to complaints and ensure that they are appropriately resolved in a timely manner during and after working hours.

Administration – To provide operation and maintenance report.

  • Provision of daily/weekly operation and maintenance report.
  • Provision of incident report.

OHS and Conduct – Ensuring works carried are of OHS compliance and abide with the company values.

  • To ensure working environment is safe and report noncompliance of contractors.
  • To Wear appropriate PPE on relevant work sites
  • To Attend Team building and display values of the company
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the supervisor and Manager.

Experience and Qualifications Required

  • Trade certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (or equivalent), Diploma in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration would be an advantage and 5 years’ experience as a HRVAC technician in a well-established firm or organization.
  • Highly skilled in HRVAC systems and at least 3 years’ experience in chilled water/ air cooled central air condition systems.
  • Knowledge and skills with VRV/VRF systems would also be an advantage. Must have valid Ozone depleting substances (ODS) license to handle refrigeration gases.
  • Knowledge in Occupational Health & Safety requirements.
  • Ability to carry out efficient fault-finding skills in operating refrigerant units and monitor performance.
  • Good communication (verbal and written) skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently or as part of a team.
  • Ability to work under pressure with minimum supervision.
  • Takes a problem-solving approach when faced with challenging or difficult situations.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude in work assignment and interactions with others.
  • Service oriented approach, with a commitment to supporting the operational / corporate environment of the organization.

Contact Information

For any queries on the position, please contact us via email

We value diversity and inclusivity in the workplace and actively encourage applications from qualified candidates, diverse cultural backgrounds, and applicants with disabilities who possess relevant skills and knowledge to apply.

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