Aspen Medical partners with Model Towns Charitable Trust to provide employment for people with disadvantaged backgrounds

Aspen Medical, the company managing Ba Hospital and Lautoka Hospital, has provided employment for eight people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds living in the Koroipita community.

Aspen Medical Fiji CEO Annette Owttrim said these opportunities are being provided under the company’s ambition to employ 20% of its non-clinical workforce for people with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“Since April, Aspen Medical has employed eight amazing and talented team members from Koroipita as part of this program. We are committed to providing employment to people with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is our first lot of recruits from Koroipita and they have become exceptional members of our team,” Owttrim said.

“Aspen Medical will continue to work with our communities to provide an opportunity for employment. Our bold target is to have 20% of our non-clinical workforce for people with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds. It has been fulfilling to see these pioneers from Koroipita taking this opportunity with both hands. The shy and nervous individuals have been transformed into confident and meaningful members of our team. It has been a joy to watch their journey and we hope to touch many more lives through this initiative.”

Owttrim added the eight team members are employed as Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) Attendants at Lautoka Hospital.

Model Towns General Manager, Paul Forrest said “We are elated about this partnership as it aligns with our overarching goal of providing pathways for disadvantaged families to advance into mainstream jobs and housing. We are achieving this through our dynamic and inclusive community development programs and partnerships. The employment pathway created by Aspen Medical is one of the first of its kind in Fiji and is setting a benchmark for an empathic and socially inclusive work environment”.

“The eight residents from Koroipita started their employment as Technical Attendants on 25th April. The group consists of seven women, six of whom are single mothers and a young man. Three people in the group have physical disabilities, and yet despite this they are fulfilling their tasks”.

Forrest said Model Towns Charitable Trust are looking forward to strengthening their partnership with Aspen Medical and providing more opportunities for the residents of Koroipita.

Health Care (Fiji) Pte Ltd is a Public-Private Partnership company formed between the Fiji National Provident Fund and Aspen Medical to manage Lautoka Hospital and Ba Hospital under a contract with the Government of Fiji.

Model Towns Charitable Trust is a registered non-governmental organisation providing climate resilient social housing and family advancement opportunities for severely poor families. The project is supported by the New Zealand Aid Program, the Ministry of Housing and Community Development and numerous generous donors.