The Government of Fiji signed an agreement for Health Care (Fiji) Pte Ltd, trading as Aspen Medical, and its shareholder partner, the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF), to upgrade the health services at both Lautoka Hospital and Ba Hospital under a Public Private Partnership (PPP).

We are committed to:

  • developing international health standards and services in the Western Division
  • privatising the management of services, not the services that are delivered. Meaning, that if you don’t pay for services now you won’t be in the future
  • developing the capability of our Fiji health team through training opportunities
  • job opportunities for Fijians
  • wherever possible, buy Fijian products and utilise Fijian services to encourage job creation and economic stimulus.

Under the PPP arrangements, Aspen Medical will develop, finance, upgrade, operate and maintain Lautoka Hospital, Fiji’s second largest hospital, and the new Ba Sub-divisional Hospital, with Aspen Medical responsible for all aspects of the delivery of these services. Key aspects of this partnership with the Government of Fiji include:

  • commissioning and equipping the newly constructed Ba Sub-Regional Hospital, and then moving all services to it from the existing Ba Mission Hospital
  • undertaking an initial ‘fix’ of the Lautoka Hospital infrastructure, sufficient for it to provide appropriate support to service delivery until further substantial renovations or rebuilding can be undertaken
  • commissioning and equipping these new facilities at Lautoka Hospital as they come on line
  • implementation of a new ICT system that features patient management administration, enhanced communication facilities, financial management and building management
  • the construction of a 100-bed staff accommodation facility
  • achievement of accreditation to international standards for the services delivered from both hospitals
  • the management and operation of all aspects of the delivery of the health and hospital services for the duration of this contract (23 years), delivering enhanced clinical services with the upgrading of the clinical skills of all staff being a major focus.