Health Care (Fiji) Pte Ltd trading as Aspen Medical and its shareholder partner, the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) has signed a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement with the Fijian Government for the upgrading of the Ba and Lautoka Public Hospitals.

Aspen Medical is committed to the following:

  • providing international standard health care to the people of the Western Division
  • providing free heart surgeries as well as CathLab and Angiography to Fijian citizens.
  • upgrading and continuing to provide healthcare services for free at both campuses for Fijian citizens.
  • achieving and maintaining the Joint Commission Internationa (JCI) accreditation.
  • providing additional free health care services new to the public health care systems in Fiji such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CT Angio, Fluoroscopy, 3D Memography and Radiation Oncology to Fijian citizens.
  • installing state-of-the-art medical equipment throughout the facilities
  • installing state-of-the-art medical equipment throughout the facilities
  • installing an Australian Standard Central Surgical Sterilising Department (CSSD)
  • training our workforce and creating job opportunities for Fijians including those persons with disabilities.
  • buying Fijian products and utilising Fijian services to encourage job creation and economic stimulus, wherever possible.

Under the PPP arrangements, Aspen Medical will develop, finance, upgrade, operate and maintain Lautoka Hospital, Fiji’s second largest hospital, and the new Ba Sub-divisional Hospital, with Aspen Medical responsible for all aspects of the delivery of these services.

Key elements of this partnership with the Government of Fiji include:

  • the management and upgrading of Ba and Lautoka  Public Hospitals.
  • providing free international standard heart surgeries and health care services to all Fijians.
  • the execution and installation of new ICT systems featuring patient management administration, enhanced communication facilities, financial management and building management systems.
  • the construction of a 100-bed staff accommodation facility.
  • gaining JCI accreditation to international standards for the services delivered at both hospitals.
  • an emphasis on delivery of enhanced clinical services with the upgrading of clinical skills.