New X-Ray machines at Lautoka Hospital will improve patient outcomes

Three new X-ray machines have been installed at the Lautoka Hospital,
providing the radiology team with more precise diagnostic capability and
elevating the level of service to the public at the country’s second-largest
hospital. The mobile digital state-of-the-art imaging systems are
manufactured by General Electric (GE Healthcare).

Aspen Medical Fiji CEO Annette Outtrim said, “ The GE Healthcare AMX 240
system is designed with complex care areas in mind. Its high-resolution 100-
micron digital detectors enable us to see fine details with exceptional
contrast. This will lead to more accurate diagnoses and therefore better
outcomes for our patients.”

The Radiology team are currently undergoing training by a GE Healthcare
Applications Specialist, with the new AMX 240 systems beginning services
this week to serve the people of the Greater Western Division.

This latest investment in high tech state-of-the-art equipment comes after
the delivery of the Mammogram and Biopsy machine in October 2022.