Aspen Medical Upgrades the Radiology Departments at the Lautoka and Ba Hospitals

Four new state-of-the-art Philips X-ray machines have been installed at
Lautoka and Ba public hospitals. The new machines will provide the radiology
teams with more precise reporting and elevate the level of service to the

The investment has now provided both public hospitals with world-class
Radiology Departments would be at home in any hospital across

Aspen Medical’s CEO in Fiji Annette Owttrim said, “The Philips Combidiagnost
R90 Fluoroscopy unit is a true all-around performer. Applications include the
chest, spine, upper and lower extremities, and skull.

The R90 is a remote-controlled tiltable table and is ideal for all standard Fluoroscopy studies and
for traditional X-rays including image stitching”.Fluoroscopy services were last available to the patients of the Lautoka and Ba
Hospitals in 2017.

The Radiology team has undergone training by Philips and the new
Combidiagnost R90 and Duradiagnost X-Ray systems will begin services
shortly to serve the people of the Greater Western Division.

This latest investment in high-tech state-of-the-art equipment comes after
the delivery of Mammogram machines in October 2022.

Health Care (Fiji) Pte Ltd is a Public-Private Partnership formed between the
Fiji National Provident Fund and Aspen Medical to manage both Lautoka and
Ba public hospitals under a contract with the Government of Fiji.