Updated Laser Eye Machines at Lautoka and Ba Hospitals will improve patient outcomes.

Eye Department patients in the Western Division will no longer need to travel
to Suva for treatment as the Lautoka and Ba Hospital’s Eye Departments have
been upgraded with advanced Laser Eye Machines.

The Eye Departments now boast two argon lasers, crucial for treating
Diabetic Retinopathy a condition with the potential for blindness if

The third laser machine helps with common issues after cataract surgery,
preventing eye problems like severe pain and sudden vision loss. It also
tackles glaucoma, a condition that can lead to vision problems. The machine’s
particular function helps control eye pressure, slows the disease, and may
even allow some patients to stop using expensive eyedrops for glaucoma.

Aspen Medical’s Consultant Ophthalmologist at Lautoka Hospital Dr Taraivini
Rabuka said, “Diabetic Retinopathy and glaucoma can cause permanent
blindness, resulting in profound socio-economic effects on patients and their
families. The burden of job loss and dependence on family members is
substantial, and we are very happy to be able to provide these services to our
patients now.”