Aspen Medical Commits to Improving Employee Welfare at Ba and Lautoka Hospitals

Aspen Medical has announced a significant milestone in its commitment to employee welfare signing a 12-month Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fijian professional counselling specialists Empower Pacific. The signing marked the beginning of a collaborative effort to
enhance the Aspen Medical team’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Aspen Medical has an in-house Mental Health & Counselling team comprising qualified clinicians, counsellors and a clinical psychologist, which caters to patients. Empower Pacific will be an extension of the service, if needed, for the Aspen Medical teams at Ba and Lautoka Hospitals.

Aspen Medical’s CEO in Fiji, Gavin Whiteside, said, “At Aspen Medical, we recognise the importance of providing comprehensive support to our team, especially during challenging times. By teaming up with Empower Pacific, we will ensure our team can access the highestquality counselling services available.”

In addition to counselling services, Empower Pacific will provide specialised training programs, including stress management, anger management, conflict resolution, communication skills and other related training required by Aspen Medical.