Eight-Year-Old Elenoa Gukiwasa Back Home After Successful Prosthetic Fitting in Sydney, Australia

Eight-year-old Elenoa Gukiwasa, a survivor of last year’s tragic bus accident, has successfully undergone a prosthetic limb fitting procedure in Sydney, Australia. Financially supported by the Aspen Medical Foundation and accompanied by her grandmother and Aspen Medical clinicians, Elenoa’s journey towards recovery has taken a significant step forward.

Elenoa arrived back in the country on 24 February 2024 after a week of fitting and
physiotherapy. Elenoa has begun undergoing physiotherapy sessions at the Lautoka Hospital to ensure a smooth transition into her new rehabilitation phase.

Elenoa’s physician at Lautoka Hospital, Dr Manoa Valeniyasana, said, “She is progressing
excellently and will soon regain the ability to perform all her daily activities easily”.

Aspen Medical’s CEO in Fiji, Gavin Whiteside, said, “We are delighted with Elenoa’s progress, and I would like to thank the Aspen Medical Foundation, in particular, the owners of AspenMedical, Glenn and Amelda Keys, for this wonderful support.”